NRS pain ruler

What is NRS pain ruler

The Numeric Rating Scale is a self report assessment scale for patients who are able to use numbers to rate the intensity of their pain. The numerical rating scale, like all self-report pain scales, however has limitations. Scores are subject to many social, cognitive, and contextual influences (von Baeyer, 2009). When self-report scores are in doubt, it is wise to complement them with observational intensity scores and to take the context of the child’s (or patient's) ratings into account (von Baeyer, 2009).

  • Self-reporting scale for adults, children > 9 years old
  • Easy and fast assessment
  • Can be used in all patient care settings
  • No specific training required

More info about NRS pain ruler

The patient is asked any one of the following questions :
- What number would you give your pain right now ?
- What number on a 0 to 10 scale would your give your pain when it is the worst that it gets and when it is the best that it gets ?
- Wat what number is the pain at an acceptable level for you ?
The score can vary between 0 and 10 by which 0 means no pain and 10 equals the worst possible pain.

Used scales in assessment scales app

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